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In All you have to do is swim around and left click to dash into other narwhales… When you slice a narwhale in half, you gain levels and awesome buffs. Your horn gets bigger, stamina increases, and number of dashes goes up as well! Try not to collide with other narwhales head-on though because this will send each of you flying backwards. I think you’ll like this io game. Check it out! Enjoy and share with your friends!
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In Online Swim and chop up your opponents in! This fierce multiplayer game pits you against other angry, deadly whales. You can compete in small, medium, and large arenas. Your speed, turn rate, and stamina regeneration can improve with every kill! Swim arround the screen and kill other players by stabbing them with your deadly tusk! How many kills can you do before you get slit in half? Your main goal is to attack the other fish io with your beak, but do not get caught on the other narwhals beak. Enjoy and share with your friends! Play game unblocked game

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